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No One is Exempt from the Pain of Father Absence


I had a moving experience recently watching a video of a Kelly Clarkson performing her single at the time, “Piece by Piece” during the final season of Fox’s American Idol in 2016.

She ended up having to stop because she couldn’t stop crying. Neither could then-judge Keith Urban, who could be seen sobbing at the judges' table. "Piece by Piece" hits Clarkson hard because it tells the story of her father leaving when she was very young, an experience that was real for her and so many other girls growing up. The pain was especially poignant and raw since she now has children of her own and knows the experience to love a child.

Here are some of the song lyrics …

I will never leave her like you left me And she will never have to wonder her worth Because unlike you I'm going to put her first and you know He'll never walk away, He'll never break her heart He'll take care of things, he'll love her Piece by piece, he restored my faith That a man can be kind and the father should be great

According to online sources, Kelly and her father do not have a relationship today. If this is true and they want a relationship, I pray they can find their way to common ground.

Father absence for some like me is a deep hole in my soul that I can’t fill, cover up, or forget. Watching this video was painful because I know the pain; I’ve lived the pain of being left behind and ignored as if I didn’t exist.

The good news is while I can’t erase the pain and change the past, I understand the power for forgiveness. Forgiveness doesn’t come easy. It’s often a journey but it’s a journey worth the long road traveled. It’s so liberating, and it provides the opportunity to see your life and your father thru a lens that removes the anger and disappointment. It opens up the possibility to find and see you life and your father in a more positive light.

Take a look at the YouTube video…. .

Choose forgiveness. It’s yours for the taking.

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